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Our Methodology

To speed up our work, for your well-being, we developed this methodological standard of action.

1. Know your business

We first know your business, how it operates, and what are the most important things you must accomplish.


2. Validate your goals

Once we know your business and your goals, we will validate your goals for opportunities that are already there.

3. Create a Plan

After we know that we can achieve your goals because your competitors are already there, we create a plan to grow your business.


4. Technical audits

Once the plan that will start its growth is designed, we will adjust the strategies according to the results obtained compared to the desired ones.

5. SEO in real time

We take what we have accomplished and apply our strategy optimization processes that we have refined and continue to constantly modify as search engines update their algorithms.

6. Key Research

We structure robust and extensive keyword research to find thousands of keywords and variations for your website and develop an execution plan around them.

7. Contents Agenda

Creating a content calendar partially using our incredible keyword research and trends enables your business to increase its authority, get more targeted traffic, and increase its profitability.

8. Create Links

Promoting your company and content to get mentions on other relevant and authorized websites is very important in order to increase your traffic and rankings.